Advocacy & Public Debates

Avisa Partners helps its clients defend their interests and make their voices heard in political and economic debates, both in traditional and online media as well as within major international institutions.
Communications and reputation
  • Designing and executing a communications strategy to support public relations efforts
  • Managing relationships with the international political and financial press
  • Providing media support in relation to national and international litigation and arbitration
  • Monitoring, conducting reputational audits, and recalibrating the online presence of C-suite executives, companies, governments, and institutions
  • Designing online media and social media strategies for public and private decision-makers
  • Nation and regional branding (raising awareness of governmental actions, economic opportunities, and touristic appea, etc.)
Activism and counter-activism
  • Understanding the ebbs and flows of public opinion online (mapping opinion leaders, analyzing information flows, and decoding the arguments and tactics used by activists, etc.)
  • Mobilizing and amplifying allies, experts and other qualified voices to counter opponents and hostile campaigns (fake news and propaganda campaigns, destabilization, defamation, and information leaks, etc.)
  • Organizing mobilization strategies (emailing campaigns, creating and promoting surveys and online petitions, managing online recruitment operations, knocking on doors, fundraising, etc.)
Participating in online debates
  • Alternatively deploying informative and activist communications strategies to engineer an interlocking web of content spanning multiple formats, angles, and arguments adapted to specific distribution channels and audiences, in order to rebalance a debate, improve negative perceptions, or improve the acceptability of major projects or innovations
  • Optimizing indexing on search engines for strategic content
Third-party publishing
  • Drafting and publishing academic works (essays, white papers, and reports), or op-eds signed by company executives
  • Creating specialized online media sites and publishing content in order to influence communities of interest and mold expert opinion
  • Implementing a strategy for branded content or for placing bylined content
Organizing high added value events
  • Planning events: scheduling content, marketing, organization and logistics, and communications
  • Managing the event’s ecosystem: networking, side events