Code of Conduct


Code of ethics:

Avisa Partners works with government authorities, SMEs and MNCs, investment funds, trade associations, law firms, banks, international organizations and individuals. As the projects entrusted to our group are often sensitive and confidential, it is expected that all partners and collaborators respect the following ethical principles:

The group is committed to protecting any confidential information that comes to its attention. Such confidential information does not include information obtained from third parties by legal means, information whose use or disclosure to an identified and clearly defined third party has been previously and expressly authorized in writing, or information whose disclosure is required by applicable law or regulation.

The Group undertakes to respect and follow all guidelines required by public authorities from actors whose activities, which sometimes involve contact with decision-makers, particularly political decision-makers, are regulated.

The group undertakes to comply with the laws applicable in the countries in which it operates, and to use its human and technical resources on the sole condition that the proposed missions comply with its ethical principles. Any partner or collaborator who becomes aware of a case of non-compliance must immediately notify the group's general management.

The Group is committed to protecting the integrity of its employees, their capacity for initiative, their professional autonomy, their sense of responsibility and their motivation. Any act of harassment or discrimination, either during the hiring process or during their stint with the Group, will not be tolerated. All our employees are urged to report any misconduct, criminal activity or fraud they are aware of to their managers or competent authorities.

Prior to each new contractual commitment, Avisa Partners convenes its ethics committee in order to approve the group's ability to commit to a new client or a new mission. The Ethics Committee is made up of the company's corporate officers, who are responsible under the law, certain managers or group executives as well as third party persons.
Cases that could damage the Group's reputation, that are perceived to be contrary to the best interests of the French nation, that conflict with other prior commitments, that promote an operation of an electoral nature or whose conduct is in breach of applicable laws are refused.


Our trading companies:

Avisa Holdco

17, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris

Company with shared capital of 109 699 753 €
Siret: 852 389 824 00032
RCS Paris B 852 389 824
Code APE: 6630Z
EU VAT Number: FR00852389824

Avisa Partners

17, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris

Company with shared capital of 19.621.325 €
Siret: 835 004 094 00016
RCS Paris B 835 004 094
Code APE: 6420A
EU VAT Number: FR1835004094


17, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris

Company with shared capital of 100.000 €
Siret : 495 160 657 00047
RCS Paris B 495 160 657
Code APE : 6202A
EU VAT Number: FR24495160657

Avisa Paris

17, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris

Company with shared capital of 621.804 €
Siret: 528 523 293 00041
RCS Paris B 528 523 293
Code APE: 8211Z
EU VAT Number: FR34528523293

Avisa Partners Bruxelles

35, Boulevard du Régent
1000 Brussels

Company with shared capital of 75.000 €
Company number: 0886.439.844
EU VAT Number: BE0886439844

Avisa Partners London

C/O Haslers
Old Station Road
Loughton, Essex,
England, IG10 4PL

Company with shared capital of 6.000 GBP
Company number: 07382845
Sic Codes: 82990

Avisa Partners US

1010 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Suite 710,
Washington, DC 20007 United States


17, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris

Société au capital de 150 510 €
Siret : 414 881 821
RCS Paris B 414 881 821 00063
Code APE : 7022 Z
TVA Intracom : FR63 414 881 823

CEIS S.p.r.l

35, Boulevard du Régent
1000 Brussels

Société au capital de 18 600 €
Numéro d’entreprise : 0887 690 550
TVA Intracom : BE0887 690 550

Calypt SAS

21 cours du Docteur Long
69003 Lyon – France

Société au capital de 600 €
Siret : 804 222 990
RCS Lyon : 804 222 990 00025
Code APE : 6202 A
TVA Intracom : FR10804222990