• 25 OCTOBER
    Matthieu Creux and Antoine Violet-Surcouf published a book titled “Cyberjihadism: when the Internet redefines the borders of the battlefield” (originally in French: Cyberdjihadisme - Quand Internet Repousse les Frontières du Champ de Bataille). Read more.
  • 10 OCTOBER
    Avisa Partners is simultaneously acquiring the German IDA Group with offices in Brussels and Berlin, and Gabara Strategies Ltd in London. Read more.
    Avisa Partners Expands to United States and Names Eric Bovim U.S. CEO. Read more.
  • 31 JULY
    Avisa Partners is pleased to welcome RAISE and Rives Croissance as minorities shareholders.
  • 17 JULY
    As competition partner at Avisa Partners, Andrea Collart's expertise has been sought by the European media concerning the EU's probe into Amazon's collection of data practices.
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