Avisa Partners engages in anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy operations in response to a variety of threats: contraband, counterfeiting of either products or designs, audiovisual content piracy (streaming, P2P, IPTV and DDL), software cracking, etc.

After defining an operational strategy, the Avisa Partners teams intervene at each stage, working upstream, downstream and in parallel to litigation. The teams work to:

  • Reinforce the technical and legal protections of intellectual property (IP) holders,
  • Identify the financial beneficiaries of ongoing fraud,
  • Evaluate the volume of illegal traffic,
  • Understand the supply and value chains integrating production, distribution and monetisation,
  • Evaluate risks (political, reputational, public health, etc.),
  • Audit and quantify anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting measures,
  • Undermine the sense of impunity and dissuade both pirates and consumers,
  • Undertake public relations to raise awareness among authorities and the general public, reducing the impact of counterfeiting and encouraging both consumers and pirates to behave in conformity with the law
The firm is also positioned expedite analytical operations in the event of infiltration, data theft, online fraud, identity theft, scamming or cyber harassment.