Partners at the firm have provided consulting and other services in all of the major elections in France since 2001, taking part in two winning presidential campaigns. Today, most of their electoral work takes place outside the European Union - they have been involved in more than fifty elections around the world, both at the political level (presidential, legislative, European elections) and at the institutional level (for the Presidency or the Secretariat of international organizations, professional federations, the Olympic Games, etc.).

Working on behalf of candidates, Avisa Partners is capable of orchestrating all facets of an electoral campaign. These include:

  • Coordination: creating a “war room” responsible for coordinating the different functions of the campaign and to direct internal and external resources
  • Communication: guaranteeing consistent messaging throughout the campaign, organising public rallies and media appearances, speechwriting and formulating key messages, and managing relations with the press and with influencers
  • Advertising: creating and disseminating communications materials (posters, flyers, tracts, literature, TV and radio spots, mailers and e-mail blasts)
  • On-the-ground outreach: supervising deliveries of election materials to campaign staff, mobilising volunteers
  • Polling and qualitative studies
  • Phonebanking campaigns
  • Digital strategy: recruiting and training online activists, developing an online presence for the campaign, purchasing webspace