Avisa Partners works with government authorities, small and large companies, investment funds, trade federations, organizations, and individuals. As the missions our firm is entrusted with are by definition sensitive and often confidential, the firm’s executive board expects all of the firm’s associates or its partners to respect the following ethical principles.


The firm is determined to protect any confidential information of which it is aware. This confidential information does not include information obtained from third parties through legal means, information whose use or disclosure to an identified and clearly defined third party was previously and expressly authorised in writing, or information which applicable law or regulations require to be disclosed.


The firm commits to complying with applicable laws in the countries in which it operates, as well as employing its human and technical resources provided that the proposed missions are in line with its ethics. Any associate or partner who becomes aware of a case of non-compliance must immediately inform their supervisors.


The firm commits to executing any due diligence that the authorities require of operators whose activities, which occasionally involve contact with policymakers, are regulated.


The firm commits to protecting its associates’ integrity, ability to take initiative, professional autonomy, sense of responsibility and motivation. Any harassment or discrimination, particularly during the hiring process or the course of an employee’s working life, will not be tolerated. All of our associates will be empowered to report any wrongful behaviour, infraction or fraud of which they are aware to their supervisors or to the appropriate authorities.