Legal compliance

Avisa Partners has entrusted its legal affairs to a top-flight law firm. Since 2010, this firm has been in charge of monitoring the group’s regulatory, social, fiscal, financial, relational and commercial affairs. Avisa Partners also frequently works with consultants specialising in all regulations and standards that may be applicable to the group. The group’s administrative director handles any issues related to legal compliance, and is available to assist clients as well as associates.

Financial compliance

Since at least 2013, and even earlier for certain subsidiaries, all of Avisa Partners’ accounts have been subject to annual accounting and financial audits carried out by auditors approved and appointed by the company’s board of directors. Accordingly, they monitor the precision of the annual accounts, certifying that they are compiled in good faith and representative of the company’s true financial situation.

The group’s various auditors:

For Avisa Partners: Fiduciaire Expertise Audit
For Avisa France: Karila Audit et Conseil
For Lexfo: Cauchy-Chaumont Associés