Avisa Partners has been registered in the Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament under number 54210841652-13 since 7 May 2009.
Avisa Partners is a member of the board of the Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP).
Avisa Partners was chosen to represent law firms and consultancies on the board of the Group of Permanent French Delegations (CDPF).
Avisa Partners is an active member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (BCCB).
The firm is one of the few public affairs firms referenced by the U.S. Mission to the European Union.
The firm’s cybersecurity division, Lexfo, is officially in the process of registering as a PRIS (Provider of Services Responding to Security Incidents) by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) for monitoring, system analysis, network analysis, and malware analysis.
  • Intrusion detection
  • Antivirus
  • Protection against malware
  • Firewalls
  • Security administration and supervision
  • Identification, authentication and access control
  • Secure communication
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure file storage
  • Programmable logic controllers