LEXFO, the cybersecurity-focused subsidiary of Avisa Partners, is an independent firm specialising in security audits and technical expertise for information systems security. LEXFO uses a proactive approach to help its clients protect their informational assets.

LEXFO’s services include:

  • Ambionics monitoring: ensure constant protection of informational assets using a semi-automated approach
  • Application security: guarantee an optimal level of security for application code
  • Security audit: identify vulnerabilities within information systems by simulating external or internal attacks
  • R&D and innovation: provide customers with LEXFO’s expertise to anticipate new threats
  • Task force: imbue customers with the LEXFO team’s knowledge and best practices
  • Incident response: detect potentially compromised systems and evaluate the level of corruption of affected data

Our areas of expertise: Web, cloud, mobile, operating systems, reverse engineering, malware, exploitation, embedded systems, incident response, cryptography, telecom and network and connected objects.

Recognised technical expertise:

  • LEXFO holds Top-Tier Security Certification (CSPN) from the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI)
  • LEXFO is one of a select few firms currently undergoing qualification to service as an ANSSI-approved Provider of Services Responding to Security Incidents (PRIS)