• The Internet has profoundly altered the way information is consumed. Empirical research has proven that the Internet has become the most influential form of media, both among opinion leaders and the wider public. From major and societal controversies to ultra-localized issues, all debates are present online.
  • Dominant information is rarely renewed, often oppositional, radical or militant in nature, and published without moderation or hierarchy. An active, engaged minority leverages online media platforms and social networks to impose its views on public opinion and on decision makers. Expressing one’s opinion online follows specific codes and opinion-shapers are more difficult to identify and decipher than in traditional media.
  • Large companies and institutions are not optimally placed to take advantage of this medium, which prioritises reactivity and the freedom of expression. They are instead being overwhelmed by the emergence of a new generation of influencers.
  • In response to this new and disruptive state of affairs, Avisa Partners helps its clients defend their strategic interests online with international operational capabilities.