Avisa Partners has an excellent understanding of the sector’s intricate regulatory and political environment, thanks not only to the firm’s experience in this area but also its access to European decision makers at the highest levels.

  • Avisa Partners has worked for a number of companies in the health sector, including both originator and generic pharmaceutical companies on competition issues in antitrust and abuse of dominant position proceedings. The firm’s work involves everything from advising to developing strategy to raising awareness of the sector’s particularities.
  • Although health is an exclusive competence of the EU Member States, the European Commission and European Parliament nonetheless play an ever- important role in shaping national health policies, whether through collaboration or research. In addition, medical device regulation is the exclusive responsibility of the EU Institutions.
  • The EU has over the years constantly pushed towards further harmonisation between differing national legislation by establishing standards for consumer safety and information, market authorisation, and cross-border social security rights. The EU regulatory system includes complex decision making processes for both human and animal health products, involving the European Medicines Agency as well as specialised Council preparatory bodies and committees.