The European Institutions – which include the European Commission, European Parliament, and various agencies – offer many opportunities to support your project financially. EU-based foundations are another source of potential funding.

Funding Programmes are set annually or bi-annually and are defined by a set of priorities. Each of the Commission programmes lists the activities to be funded and their respective budgets. In most cases, the Commission co-funds between 50% to 70% of the applicant’s overall project budget. For grants from European foundations, each foundation sets its own requirements.
At each stage of the process, Avisa Partners is equipped to:

Identify opportunities;
  • Pinpointing EU funding opportunities
  • Meeting with relevant services within the EU Institutions and European organizations
Prepare the dossier;
  • Checking the quality and financial coherence of the project
  • Structuring and editing the application to match the selection and attribution criteria
  • Following up on the dossier after its submission
And draft the grant application
In most cases, the drafting process is a joint effort between Avisa Partners and the client to ensure the application strikes the right tone between scientific and political necessity. Avisa can help with the technical and administrative aspects of the dossier (financial robustness of the client, for example), to increase the chances of success.