• Avisa Partners advises clients on various trade issues and the use of trade defence instruments.
    This includes FTAs, anti-dumping cases, and anti-subsidy cases.
  • Avisa Partners draws on its access to, and interactions with, key stakeholders at EU level, including key Commission officials in the Directorate-General for Trade (DG TRADE), the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), Cabinet members of Commissioners Malmstrom (Trade) and Moscovici (Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation & Customs), Members of the European Parliament that are active in trade and customs, and Trade Attachés at the Permanent Representations of EU Member States to the EU.
  • Since the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Commission has exclusive responsibility for negotiating free trade agreements on behalf of the EU. The Commission, while bold in its ambitions, has at times been stymied by the complexities of the EU’s shared responsibilities with its Member States. However, following a global uptick in protectionist sentiment, the EU has had to take a bolder stand to emphasise its free trade credentials.
  • Furthermore, EU support for fair trade depends on the existence of a level playing field between EU producers and producers in third countries. Where the EU was once reluctant to use trade defence instruments, it now sees these instruments, such as anti-dumping measures and anti-subsidy duties, as one way to protect EU industry while ensuring such a level playing field. The Commission has an appetite for bolder trade defence, launching anti-dumping investigations on an unprecedented scale.