Influence & Content Strategies

Avisa Partners helps its clients develop and strengthen their business by making their views, expertise and difficulties heard by their key audiences. We design, produce, empower and give reach to our clients' content, successes and strategic messages. We work by integrating industry expertise, audience behaviour and public expectations, with the algorithmic mechanics of online platforms in a context where the increasing importance of confidentiality is changing the world of digital advertising.
Communications and reputation
  • Development and deployment of a communication strategy in support of public relations operations
  • Steering and management of the international political and economic press
  • Media support for national and international litigation
  • Monitoring and studying of brand image and repositioning of the identity of key figures, companies, governments or institutions
  • Promotion of a nation's public image and its government (narration of government activity, economic and tourististic attractiveness of the country, etc.)
Content marketing & editorial engineering
  • Strategies for launching, influencing, engagement and/or business development, particularly in the BtoB world
  • Development of strategic and operational guidelines: tone of voice, development plan, SEO strategy, etc.
  • Definition and management of brand content strategies and/or placement of signed content
  • Production of content for companies and institutions in all formats (editorial, video, audio, infographics, etc.), with a high level of industry expertise
  • Governance consultancy: support in defining the processes and bodies required to run editorial systems, definition of KPIs and ROI management tools, optimisation of editorial efficiency and conversion processes
  • Creation of media sites, reference platforms, parallel and informative systems, particularly newsletters
  • Setting up and managing inbound marketing and HR systems
Thought leadership & commissioned publications
  • Writing and publishing of academic works (essays, white papers, reports, etc.) or opinion pieces on behalf of executives
  • Visibility and leadership strategy for decision-makers in online media and social networks
  • Publishing specialised and referential online media in order to reach a community of interest and/or pre-empt expertise in a field of activity
Participating in online debates
  • Dissemination of instructive or opinionated content in order to ensure a slate of diversified content adapted to targeted channels and audiences, in order to rebalance a debate, correct the image or promote projects or innovations
  • Improving the visibility of strategic content on search engines
Community building and social media outreach
  • Developing, structuring and leading communities of expertise and interest involving internal and external audiences
  • Delegated management of social networks: community management, community building, growth hacking
  • Creation of content and live events for social networks
  • Internal/external company ambassadorship strategies: leader advocacy / expert advocacy / sales advocacy / employee advocacy
Activism and counter-activism
  • Deciphering opinion tendencies and influence campaigns (identification of opinion leaders and allies, analysis of information flows, analysis of arguments and tactics used by activists, etc.)
  • Mobilisation and amplification of credible allied voices to counter opponents and curb hostile operations (fake news, propaganda, destabilisation, defamation, information leaks, etc.)
  • Organisation of mobilisation operations (emails, surveys, petitions, online recruitment, door-to-door, fundraising)
Organisation of high value-added events
  • Event design: content programming, marketing, logistical organisation, communication
  • Management of the ecosystem around the events: networking, parallel events