Strategic Intelligence

Avisa Partners produces comprehensive intelligence reports and research and supports its clients in acting on their findings. These documents are designed to be of immediate use to business developers and strategic decision makers.

Whether it is about winning a tender, gaining access to a market known for its complexity, signing a partnership with an institution or a government, evaluating an opportunity or influencing regulation, our intelligence analyses and recommendations are designed as high-impact leverage tools with actionable insights.

Bringing together sectoral expertise, analytical intelligence and an approach grounded in academic know-how, Avisa Partners operates principally in fields related to matters of sovereignty (defense, security, energy, transport, telecom, health).
Identifying potential markets
  • Assistance in the detection and evaluation of new commercial, investment, diversification or partnership opportunities through the production of competitive studies or technical assessments
  • Analysis of new markets: information gathering, evaluation of potential ROI, identification of decision-making channels and key success factors, risk and obstacle analysis
  • Identification of European and international funding opportunities, investors, co/subcontractors or business partners
Creating a supportive ecosystem and leveraging academic support
  • Research and development of allies : third party endorsement, creation of coalitions or consortia, conducting opinion polls, drafting strategic arguments
  • Connecting and engaging with academic, scientific, and military professionals, and more broadly with civil society
  • Launching and formalizing partnerships with think tanks, associations, NGOs, professional federations, trade unions, business schools, etc.
  • Organising and facilitating specialized events: debates, thematic discussions, working groups
Giving you the upper hand by crafting a consistent influence strategy
  • Consensus building to spur local and national acceptance of major projects
  • Institutional outreach: stakeholder mapping, organising meetings with decision-makers, search for political and technical experts to connect with
  • Drafting of outlook and market studies to enrich strategic thinking or influence debates: standards setting, thought leadership
  • Expert litigation support in the context of disputes or arbitration: cost and impact studies, modelling, assistance in negotiations
Bid management
  • Strategic support for tender applications: competitive positioning, drafting proposals and other deliverables, editorial support, preparing teams for oral presentations
  • Audit, evaluation and correction of industrial proposals: matching supply to demand, pricing, valuation of differentiating factors, etc.
  • Designing the graphic identity of a tender proposal and other related media content